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CELEBRATING differences.

Promoting DIVERSITY.

Our Mission

The Diversity Law Institute (DLI) is a nonprofit international association of lawyers, law firms and companies committed to the advancement of diversity within the legal profession and the respective systems of justice represented among its members. Composed of more than 4,000 private practice lawyers, judges, in-house counsel and legal scholars, the DLI's mission is to advance, encourage and support the expansion of diversity and inclusion among North American law firms; to seek solutions to a lack of diversity represented within the legal systems of the United States and Canada; to recognize and reward achievements in diversity among law firms, individuals and other pro-diversity organizations and entities within the legal system; to educate its members, others in the legal profession and society on issues facing women and minorities in the legal profession; and to create assistance both within law and communities that is meaningful and compassionate wherever possible. A think tank striving to establish forward-thinking approaches and solutions in the area of diversity, the DLI seeks to recognize trends within the law that may translate into greater opportunities for women and minorities.

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