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invite attendee exchanges. The Diversity Summit & Awards is designed to educate attendees on serious diversity issues in a manner that will stimulate participation and encourage change in meaningful ways in the profession. This year the DLI designated law firm and individual winners of Diversity Law Institute Awards in a variety of categories for successes in their inclusion of women and minorities, as well as their efforts in furtherance of diversity in the profession. Awards were presented at the Philadelphia event.  

On November 3, 2017, the law firm of Duane Morris hosted the DLI’s third national diversity event, the Diversity Summit & Awards, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. DLI Co-Chair and Program Chair Sheryl Axelrod put together a stellar line-up of speakers and presentations for the event. As with the DLI’s Diversity Summits in Atlanta and Chicago, speakers presented on a wide variety of candid topics that

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